In a multi-cat household, territory needs to be split up fairly. This means each cat should have their own perch or covered sleeping area. This allows felines to establish their pecking order, while also giving them a safe and secure place to rest. Fortunately, this multi-level cat tree by SONGMICS has got you covered.

If you’re a typical cat lover and your home is essentially overrun by your furry friends, then this cat tree can provide your pets with a place to sleep, play, rest, and scratch.

Our Verdict: This cat tree can provide countless hours of fun for felines. It features two cubby holes, both of which make the perfect resting spot during the day, and a total of three perches. We highly recommend this carpeted cat tree/activity center for any multi-cat household that needs a model that can handle rough use and can provide several cats with a secure, safe place to rest during the day.

Keep reading to learn why this model scored well with both pet owners and cats.

Overview and Features

Typically, new cat owners think that cats spend most of their time sleeping. While it’s true that cats spend several hours a day resting, these nocturnal felines can be very active at night, especially during the first few years of life.

Cats need a safe space to sleep, play, and an appropriate place to sharpen their nails. This cat tree can meet all of their needs, satisfying the cat’s natural desire to climb.

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Often, cat trees designed for multiple cat homes tend to only feature one or two perches and a single cubby hole. This SONGMICS model goes above and beyond in terms of meeting the needs of cats. It’s obvious the designer is a cat lover. The tree is designed in a manner that meets a cat’s natural climbing, scratching, stalking, pouncing, and hunting instincts. Hands down, this is the cat tree you need if you have kittens, juveniles, and even older cats.

The tree has a total of five spots cats can use to sleep or rest, however, if you have five large, active cats, this tree can rock and wobble if all of the cats are playing on it at the same time.

SONGMICS 67” Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

SONGMICS 67” Multi-Level Cat Tree Review

  • Has Multiple levels
  • There are three perches
  • Two covered cubby holes
  • Plush covered surfaces
  • Sisal covered support tubes
  • Ramp for easy access for older cats
  • Cat toys


This tree focuses on vertical height, however, it can still take up quite a bit of floor space. The tree measures in at sixty-seven inches tall, twenty-one inches deep and twenty-three inches wide. It weighs in a sixty pounds.


This is a multi-level cat tree, with three platforms, three perches, and two covered cubby holes. You’ll also find a few attached toys. Unfortunately, the toys aren’t detachable, so you won’t be able to replace them once they’re damaged.

The toys themselves are furry balls that are suspended from thin pieces of sisal rope.

The thick gray carpet is plush and warm, providing a comfortable surface for sleep and play.

There are several support posts throughout the cat tree’s design. Each of the posts is covered in thick sisal, providing the ideal surface for cats who need to sharpen, file, and clean their nails.

Because the cat tree offers great resting spots and plenty of activity options, this model is a great choice if you have both active or older cats. Functional in terms of play, grooming, and sleep, this model is the total package.

The support posts/scratching posts are made out of glued compressed cardboard. Despite the fact that they’re not made out of wood, the high-density support tubes can easily keep the cat tree firmly in place without it shaking or wobbling when cats jump on and off the tree or sharpen their claws.

The rest of the structure is made out of P2 grade particle board that’s CARB certified. This material isn’t as durable as solid wood obviously, but it’s still able to handle roughhousing and regular use, easily. The cat tree also features a large ramp, which makes it easier for older cats to climb up onto the next level. The ramp is also covered in sisal and trimmed in carpet.

Surface Material

The tree is covered in a deep gray carpet with a light colored sisal wrapped around the support posts and covering the surface of the ramp. The carpet is easy to clean, using either a soapy sponge or rag or even a traditional carpet cleaner machine. The carpet should not be saturated with cleaning products, otherwise, it can promote mold growth if not dried thoroughly.

Product Guarantee

The cat tree is covered by a thirty-day warranty and comes with a one hundred percent guarantee. This means, for whatever reason, if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the cat tree you can return it within the thirty day period to receive a full refund.


The cat tree weighs in at sixty pounds. The weight not only makes the tree easier to move but adds much-needed stability. The tree will not shake, tip over, or rock during play, even with a couple of larger felines racing from level to level.

It offers a total of five resting spots but isn’t large enough to accommodate five playful cats like the Best Choice Products 96in Cat Tree Scratcher Condo Palace Play Furniture can. The Best Choice Products model is specifically designed for more active cats, allowing felines to climb, run, jump and play. This model by SONGMICS is a better choice for two to three active cats.

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  • Multiple levels
  • Three perches
  • Two covered cubby holes
  • Plush covered surfaces
  • Sisal covered support tubes
  • Ramp for easy access for older cats
  • Cat toys


  • Support tubes are made out of corrugated cardboard
  • The toys are not removable
Conclusion And Rating Product Rating: (4.5/5)

SONGMICS 67” Multi-Level Cat Tree ReviewThis cat tree can handle two to three active younger cats. It features five sleeping spots but considering it’s made out of lightweight materials the tree may not be as stable if you’re dealing with five large, active felines. Overall, the price is right, the tree is well-built, and it comes loaded with some great features any cat will love. We gave the SONGMICS cat tree a rating of four and a half out of five stars.


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