This is a massive themed cat tree by Kitty Mansions. The Amazon is loaded with both sleep and play spaces, featuring an impressive vertical height that makes it a great choice if you’re tight on space. The durable construction combined with the sisal covered scratching posts makes this model one of the most durable cat trees on the market.

Our Verdict: The Amazon is a cat tree that has it all. This model is ideal for multi-cat homes, however, for single cat homes, the tree may be overkill. Loaded with sleeping spaces, climbing surfaces, and all the bells and whistles your cats will love, this durable cat tree is designed to take a licking and keep on ticking.

Overview and Features

Kitty Mansions has an extensive line of innovative cat trees ranging from basic single post models to larger cat condos that are designed for multiple cat homes. Their line of themed cat trees can add some appeal and character to any room. Their latest model, the Amazon features an all brown color scheme with fake leaves and vines draped throughout the design.

This is a massive cat tree that offers the type of height young cats need and older cats prefer. Not only will your cats get plenty of exercise climbing from level to level, but the two included pet beds will also provide them with a safe and quiet place to sleep during the day. One of the cat beds is located close to the ground, while the second bed is placed close to the top of the structure.

This is a themed cat tree, covered in brown faux fur, sisal is wrapped around the cat scratching posts, and fake leaves are strategically placed throughout the design, giving the tree a whimsical, tropical look.

Kitty Mansions 78 in. Amazon Cat Tree

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Kitty Mansions Amazon Cat Tree Review

  • Plenty of vertical height for younger cats
  • Two sleeping spaces
  • Faux fur covered surfaces
  • Scratching posts are covered with sisal for improved durability
  • Eye-catching design
  • Multi-level design encourages cats to be more active
  • Lower pet bed is perfect for older cats



This cat tree measures in at seventy-eight inches tall, twenty-five inches deep, and forty-eight inches long. In terms of durability, this cat tree is one of the leading models on the market. If you have a larger feline, weighing over eight pounds, then this tree will be a great option. You won’t notice any shaking or rocking as your cat climbs or races to the top of the structure.

Obviously, the tree focuses more on vertical size as opposed to width. Despite the fact that it’s taller than it is wide, it will still take up plenty of precious floor space. If you’re searching for a cat tree that features a more space-saving design, we recommend the CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Climb Track, a model that actually hangs on the wall.

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Considering the size and the many pieces included, assembling this cat tree can be both time-consuming and tricky. Fortunately, the included instructions are well-written. You can expect an assembly time ranging from an hour to an hour and a half.


Most cat owners will find that their younger cats prefer the higher perch and climbing areas, while older felines will stick closer to the ground. We love that this versatile cat tree comes with two very different sleeping options, working to accommodate cats of all ages.


The tree is made out of pressboard, covered in a thick faux fur that cats will love. The tree features a variety of scratching posts, each of which is covered in thick sisal rope. The sisal covering provides the perfect texture and strength needed for a durable scratching surface. It won’t end up all over your floor like other cat scratching posts that are only covered with carpet. Additionally, the sisal does a great job of filing down the nails, without any snagging.

The tree is a nice weight, coming in at one hundred and twenty-eight pounds. Unlike competing models, this tree will not rock or tip over, even with the most rambunctious cats.

Weight Capacity

This tree can easily handle up to sixty pounds, which is more than enough weight for most multi-cat households. Typically, lower-priced themed cat trees will have an average thirty-pound weight capacity.


The best thing about this cat tree is that it can be enjoyed by multiple cats, of all ages. You won’t have to purchase a separate cat tree for each of your cats since this tree provides more than enough room to meet the needs of all of your felines. Some cat owners did not care for the faux fur covering, stating that it wasn’t as durable as carpet and harder to clean and maintain. While others preferred the faux since it’s thicker and softer, making it a great material for the winter months, a time in which cats crave an extra-warm space to sleep.

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  • Plenty of vertical height for younger cats
  • Two sleeping spaces
  • Faux fur covered surfaces
  • Scratching posts are covered with sisal for improved durability
  • Eye-catching design
  • Multi-level design encourages cats to be more active
  • Lower pet bed is perfect for older cats


  • For the price, we felt that the tree should’ve been made out of wood instead of pressboard
  • The faux fur is difficult to clean
  • Fake leaves fall off easily
Conclusion And Rating

Kitty Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Kitty Mansions Amazon Cat Tree ReviewThis is one massive cat tree, and a model we wouldn’t recommend if you don’t have much room to work with. Considering it weighs over one hundred pounds, you’ll definitely need some help during the assembly process.

This is a tree that’s built solid. It comes loaded with all of the features both young and adult cats will love.

The Amazon cat tree is designed for multi-cat homes, for felines of all ages. This cat tree is a true multitasker, thanks to its variety of levels and two sleeping spaces. If you have cats who love sharpening their claws on surfaces they shouldn’t, then the sisal covered scratching posts will be a great addition to your home and one that will deter inappropriate scratching. We gave this cat tree a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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