As a working professional, you may struggle with saying goodbye to your favorite felines every morning, especially if you can’t figure out how to keep cats entertained while you’re working and often come home to shredded toilet paper, or even worse, inappropriate elimination. Cats need mental and physical stimulation, daily. When a cat becomes bored, they often show us how they feel by taking their boredom out on the furniture, eliminating outside the litter box, or by gaining weight and sleeping more than normal. This guide will go over some great ways to provide your cats with the physical and mental stimulation they need to stay happy and healthy, and entertained, even when you’re at the office.

Toys and Puzzles

If your cat or cats are food motivated, then using a puzzle that’s treat-based can be a simple, low maintenance and fun way to keep your cat busy and fed while you’re away. A basic food puzzle is sphere-shaped and can be filled with cat treats that will only be released once a feline has figured out the right method. This option provides both mental and physical stimulation, so it’s perfect if you’re worried your cat is not active enough during the day.

If your cat is very smart, then they may figure out a puzzle in a matter of hours, however, you can easily find more challenging toys and puzzles on the market.


cat in a box

Most cats love to play inside boxes. Whether they use it as a secret spot to sleep, play hide and seek with the other cats, a simple box is always a fun and affordable option, one that will keep your cat entertained and engaged. Fortunately, boxes are very easy to come by, and can easily be replaced if your cat decides to shred it.

Paper Bags

Leave some paper bags scattered around the house so your cat can stumble across one throughout the day. Just like boxes, a cat can pounce on a bag, tear it up, and use it as a tunnel, providing hours of entertainment.

Cat Furniture

A cat deserves their very own furniture. Buying cat trees, benches, and scratching posts, can save plenty of wear and tear on your furniture, especially if your cat is often caught scratching up your couch, the carpet, or the drapes. Cat trees are a great choice for younger cats with a ton of energy. These trees often consist of hidey holes, scratching posts, and hanging toys. They’re available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, so you can find one that will work with the type of space you have available in the home, and your cat’s age and energy.

Provide a Stimulating Environment

A cat is often drawn to the outside world and loves to watch it go by, especially from the highest point in a room, such as the top of a cabinet or the back of a couch. Leave your blinds open and install a cat perch. A cat perch is basically a carpeted flat platform that rests on the ledge of a window and allows a cat to people watch in total comfort.

Fish Tank

Common sense tells us that cats and fish just don’t mix. However, if you have a fish tank that’s properly secured and out of your cat’s reach, it’s a great way to keep your cat visually stimulated and entertained. A tank can also be a great addition to the décor in a home, complementing the look of any room. However, it’s crucial that you make sure there’s not a way for your cat to access the inside of the tank, something that cats will try to do if there are any openings at the top of the tank. Cats are also very good at problem solving, so make sure your cat doesn’t have a way to knock the tank over, which he or she may try to do if the tank is placed on a low shelf or counter.

A Friend in Crime

Does your cat seem lonely? Do they often wander the halls and rooms of your home, meowing loudly? This may be an indicator your pet is in search of a companion. If you have a younger cat, they may benefit from adding another feline to the household. However, adopting another pet can be a big responsibility, so make sure you’re prepared to take another cat in. When you adopt another cat, it’s important that you carefully assess their disposition to determine whether or not the cat will get along with your pet at home.

Play Area

Indoor Cat Play Area

Give your cat a designated play area in the home by setting up boundaries for a spot that contains activities your cat will love. It can also be as simple as a cozy spot you know they’ll love to hide in when the kids get too loud or the family dog will not leave them alone. Create this special spot based on your cat’s age. Older cats will appreciate a spot to hide and rest, while a younger cat may need a play area that consists of cat furniture and some fun toys.


Believe it or not, a TV can also provide some entertainment value to your cats. By switching on the TV, you can keep your cat entertained for a few hours, especially if you put on a bird documentary or another type of animal-based program. The sound will also be very comforting for cats who are lonely or those with anxiety.


Most cats love lasers and they can keep your cat entertained while you’re out running some errands or at the office. Some models of cat laser toys will display patterns of lasers all over a room, which will drive your cat wild and cause them to run all over the room to check out the fun. This is a great option for older cats who are putting on weight and in desperate need of exercise, or younger cats that have plenty of energy to burn.


This device is a fun way to keep your cats busy when you’re not around by making it seem like you’re still there. This is a great gadget that allows you to talk to and see your pets and even give them some treats. This product even alerts you to loud noises that occur in your home, such as a cat fight, so you can check on your pet and determine if everything is okay.


cat chilling

A cat hammock can give your pet the perfect place to rest, relax, and enjoy an afternoon nap. These hammocks are wall-mounted, so you can choose a great location in the home, whether it’s a nice hidden spot, or by a window so your cat can spend the afternoon staring down the neighbor’s cat.


Music is a great way to soothe a cat that feels lonely, or one with separation anxiety, helping them to relax a little. Using music can be a great way to comfort an anxious or lonely cat, just make sure you choose the right type of music and play it at a low volume. Many cat owners recommend sticking with soft pieces, such as string and piano instead of any type of rock music or anything that can potentially startle a cat. Playing music during the day can also be a great way to enrich your cat’s environment.

Buy a Bird Feeder

All cats love to watch birds. Try installing a bird feeder near one of your windows in order to attract some birds to your yard. Watching a bird fly and hop around will give your cat plenty of mental stimulation and can keep them entertained for hours. Just make sure you install something on your window that will alert the bird that there’s a piece of glass between them and your cat, otherwise you may have a hard time attracting birds, or they can potentially fly into your window.

Final Thoughts

You know your pets better than anyone. These ideas on how to keep your cats entertained while you’re working will not work for every cat. As you already know, cats can be stubborn and hard to please. But you also know whether your cat would love a special spot to rest and gaze out of the window to birdwatch or enjoy the afternoon sun, or if they would love to use a cat tree to sharpen their claws, or if they’re in need of a companion. This guide includes some great ideas for cats ranging from teens to seniors. Whether or not these ideas will be a great choice for your pet will ultimately depend on their unique personality, their age, and their mental and physical stimulation needs.