This huge cat tree is suitable for cats of all ages, but it has clearly been designed with the more active cat in mind. The tree has a wide range of perches, baskets, tunnels, and platforms that an active cat household is sure to love.

Our Verdict: The cat tree will work for cats of all ages, but the tree itself seems to be marketed towards younger, more active cats in need of a large, stable cat tree that can handle running, jumping, and climbing like a champ.

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Overview and Features

Best Choice Products doesn’t specialize in cat trees, in fact, they offer a wide range of products from home décor to children’s toys. However, their line of cat trees is nothing short of impressive, especially their ninety-six-inch model. This cat tree is solidly built and designed for larger felines. If you own a larger cat, then you know a typical cat tree can easily topple over or rock as your cat jumps from platform to platform or when they sharpen their nails. But this model has a reputation for stability, a huge selling point for any cat owner.

The cat tree’s design gives cats plenty of space to play, climb, and play. The design focuses both on vertical and horizontal space and includes several sleeping spaces and scratching posts.

Design and Measurements

The tree measures in at fifty-seven and a half inches long, just under twenty-two inches wide, and an impressive ninety-six inches tall. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, then this is definitely not the right cat tree for your home.

The tree is loaded with small platforms that allow cats to easily jump from level to level until they reach the very top of the cat tree which features the tallest sisal covered scratching posts.

Unlike the SONGMICS 67” Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo, which focuses more on vertical space, the manufacturer has created a long, tall cat tree that’s perfect for any multi-cat home. The massive tree will take up some serious space in the home, but if you have several younger cats who are in need of an appropriate place to sharpen their claws and play, this model can meet all of your cat’s needs and then some.

Best Choice Products 96in Cat Tree Scratcher Condo Palace Play Furniture

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Best Choice Products 96in Cat Tree Scratcher Condo Palace Play Furniture Review

  • Loaded with sisal covered scratching posts
  • Great price to value ratio
  • Rated best by many customers
  • Four tunnels
  • Covered cubby
  • Two sleeping baskets

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Sleeping Spaces

The tree features a total of two sleeping baskets and four tunnels, one covered cubby hole, and a dedicated perch. Basically, the tree is designed to accommodate any multi-cat household, catering to cats of all ages. Older or shy cats will appreciate the covered cubby since it provides a higher level of security and safety.

Younger cats who don’t mind sleeping out in the open will love the padded sleeping baskets or the tunnels which make the perfect spot to hide, rest or prepare to pounce on a playmate.

Scratching Posts

Throughout the cat tree, you’ll notice that several of the scratching posts have been covered in sisal rope, which is the perfect material for scratching posts. This durable material will allow your cats to file, sharpen, and clean their nails, without the worry of snagging a nail.


This model is designed to accommodate five to six large cats. It’s built strong and won’t shake or wobble during playtime or as a cat jumps from level to level.

Cats have a natural instinct to climb and will often choose the highest point in a room and turn it into their regular sleeping spot. Cats do this in order to not only be able to closely monitor all of the activity going on around them, but it also keeps them safe and prevents them from being disturbed during sleep. This cat does an excellent job of giving cats plenty of options in terms of finding the ideal spot to sleep the day away.

Additionally, cats are also on top of their grooming and will scratch their claws against tall, rough surfaces in order to clean, file, or sharpen their claws. Fortunately, this model features several support posts that are covered in sisal rope, the perfect material for cat scratching posts.

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Made out of compressed wood, the tree is surprisingly durable and will remain solidly in place whether your cat is sharpening their nails or chasing a playmate. The tree is covered in a faux fur, which is thick and soft and makes a great material choice during the colder months of the year. But unlike carpet, the faux fur material can be difficult to clean and can easily become matted over time.


Typically, cat trees of this size easily go for twice the price. The lower price isn’t reflected in the quality of the tree. Instead, the manufacturer provides the cat owner on a budget with an affordable cat tree that’s durable, massive, and loaded with plenty of spaces for sleep and play. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another model of this size priced so affordable.


  • Loaded with sisal covered scratching posts
  • Four tunnels
  • Covered cubby
  • Two sleeping baskets


  • Faux fur will become matted over time
  • Difficult to clean
  • Made from compressed wood
  • Price
Conclusion And Rating Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Best Choice Products 96in Cat Tree Scratcher Condo Palace Play Furniture ReviewThis Best Choice Products cat tree doesn’t exactly feature a space-saving design, but it does deliver in terms of meeting all of your cat’s needs, whether they need a safe, high place to sleep, an approved place to sharpen their nails, or the perfect space to chase and play with other cats in the home. This activity cat tree is a great buy if you have several active large felines that need a way to burn off energy while you sleep. Durable and solidly built, this massive cat is designed to easily handle plenty of use and abuse from your feline friends. We gave this model a rating of four and a half stars out of five.

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