When your cat sheds excessively, you’ll find hair on the furniture, along the baseboards, on the floors, and all over your clothing. Trying to control the shedding can be frustrating, especially those times when you’re late to work and desperately trying to use a lint roller to remove pet hair from your clothes.

woman using a comb brush the persian cat

Fortunately, there is a way you can significantly cut down on pet hair around the home and on you: enter the best cat deshedder.

Using a cat deshedder will remove excess, loose hair from your feline’s coat. This will reduce the amount of hair left behind on clothing and furniture, and can also promote a healthy skin and coat.

This buyer’s guide will go over all the important features to be on the lookout for when you’re shopping around, why these tools work, and how they can benefit your pet.

The best way to handle excessive shedding is to take control and stay on top of brushing your pet regularly during the shedding session.

If you’ve searched online for deshedding tools and haven’t had much luck finding one that actually works, then this is the buyer’s guide you’ve been searching for. As a cat owner myself, I’ve tried out several brushes, choosing five that did a great job of controlling hair fall and worked with a variety of different coats. These deshedders are also comfortable to use for both you and your pet.

Below, I’ve created a comparison chart that includes each deshedder, and important info including hair length the brushes are compatible with, type, and other important information that can help you decide.

Cat Deshedder Comparison Chart

ProductTypeCoat LengthMaterialRating
DakPets Pet
Grooming Brush

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BrushAllStainless Steel 
Cat Hair Deshedding

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Hertzko Self Cleaning
Slicker Brush

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BrushLong HairedStainless Steel 
Hertzko Pin Brush
for Dogs and Cats

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BrushShort HairedStainless Steel 
PiePea Cat

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CombAllStainless Steel 

Best Overall-DakPets Pet Grooming Brush

Our Rating: (5/5) 

This deshedding brush works for all hair types and is made out of heavy-duty 100 mm four-inch stainless steel. The rubber handle is designed to improve user control and provides a large grip surface. This is the best cat brush for pet owners looking for brushes and combs that are gentle on their fur baby’s skin and one that can reach that dense undercoat fur. This tool allows you to quickly clean and remove loose cat hair, promoting skin and hair health. It’s a good choice for single and double coats and long hair cats. Using this grooming tool often can prevent top coat damage and will keep the fur baby hair soft, shiny, and manageable.


  • Removes loose hair
  • Reaches undercoat
  • Can be used on dogs and cats
  • Eliminates mats and tangles
  • Gentle bristles
  • Keeps pet hair off the living room floor
  • Stainless steel pins


  • Handle is uncomfortable to hold


If you’re looking for a gentle grooming tool that can remove loose fur, this model by Dakpets is a steal for the price.

Brushing with this grooming tool regularly will cut down on pet hair on the furniture, your clothing, the baseboards, and your floors. This kitty brush will also easily remove dead hair, debris, built up pet dander, and mats.

Best Grooming Gloves for Short Haired Cats-Cat Hair Deshedding Glove

Our Rating: (4.5/5) 

This grooming glove will be gentle on your cat’s skin. It comes equipped with 255 silicone grooming tips that are designed to mimic the touch of the hand for a more relaxing and gentle massage. The slip-on flexible grooming gloves will allow you to remove loose fur for both long haired cats and short haired cats. The glove is also perfect for dogs, horses, and other pets in the home. Running the grooming glove over your pet’s fur will remove loose hair, causing it to stick to the glove. The five finger design makes it easy to access hard to reach areas such as the tail and areas under each leg.


  • Grooming glove easily removes loose hair
  • Works with all coat types
  • Rubber nubs are gentle on the skin
  • De shedding glove promotes fur and skin health
  • Can also be used on dogs and other pets
  • Provides great results


  • Has trouble reaching undercoat
  • Not recommended for mats and tangles


This gentle deshedding brush glove is designed for short haired cats and long haired cats, thick, thin, and curly fur, and pets of all sizes. The glove is one size fits all, can be easily cleaned by rinsing it off in the sink and offers a comfortable fit, complete with an adjustable wrist strap. This versatile glove can also be used during a bath, to make hair removal a cinch.

Best Slicker Brush for Cats-Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Our Rating: (4.5/5) 

This cat self cleaning slicker brush by Hertzko works wonders on mats and tangles. The brush is designed to gently remove mats without hurting your cat. The stainless steel bristles are made out of very fine bent wires that can penetrate deep down into the undercoat, to remove tangles, matted fur, and debris. The bristles can retract back into the brush for easier cleaning and hair removal. All you have to do is click the button on the handle and remove the fur. The brush is perfect for long haired cats, but may scratch the skin of cats with shorter coats.


  • Easy to clean
  • Helps control shedding
  • Stainless steel bristles
  • Self cleaning slicker brush
  • Easy to use deshedding tool
  • Won’t hurt your cat’s coat or your cat’s skin


  • Not recommended for cats with short fur


If you pay attention to product reviews, you’ll be impressed by what pet owners had to say about this grooming brush. Slicker brushes are perfect for longer coats, but you’ll find that they’re not the best choice for short fur, since it can scratch your cat’s skin. Instead, this grooming tool is a better choice for long haired felines who have fur that’s prone to mats, knots, and tangles.

Best Cat Brush for Short Coats-Hertzko Pin Brush for Dogs and Cats

Our Rating: (4.5/5) 

Pin brushes have a reputation for being gentle on the skin. If you have a long haired cat, a pin brush isn’t a great choice since the rubber pins aren’t designed to penetrate deep down into the fur. However, for short, dense coats, pin brushes can do the trick. This cat pin brush will remove loose hair, debris, built up danger, and is gentle on the skin. The brush is designed to gently massage the skin, and increases blood circulation. The cat brush features a comfortable grip, complete with an anti-slip handle that will prevent wrist and hand strain.


  • Perfect for regular cat grooming
  • Removes dead hair efficiently
  • Low price
  • Helps reduce shedding
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Not recommended for long haired cats
  • Cannot reach the undercoat


This deshedding tool is perfect for shorter coats and won’t scrape your cat’s skin, so you can brush gentle and easily remove loose hair and debris, without stressing your cat out in the process. In fact, the cat brush will feel great as it massages the skin and improves circulation.

Best Cat Dematting Comb-PiePea Cat Comb

Our Rating: (4/5) 

This cat dematting comb features stainless steel static-free teeth that are durable enough to last year after year. The handle features an anti-slip design that makes it easy to hold and comfortable to use. This is a two in one detangling grooming tool that can also be used as a flea comb, due to the closely spaced teeth. It works well to reach both the undercoat and top coat at the same time and is designed for both short and long fur.


  • Can be used as a flea comb
  • Works for short hair coat type
  • Grooming tool is designed for de shedding dense and long fur
  • Helps with managing shedding
  • Removes loose cat hair
  • Stainless steel comb


  • Tines are not designed to remove thicker mats


This dematting comb is the best cat brush for undercoat and top coat care. It can also be used as a flea comb to remove fleas. If you need a cat grooming tool that’s safe and comfortable to use, you’ll appreciate the rounded teeth that are designed to gently massage a cat’s skin

Cat Deshedder Buyer’s Guide

While cats do a great job of grooming themselves, they still need to be combed and brushed, especially if they have long, thick hair. Cat hair is indigestible, so if your cat ends up consuming hair while they’re grooming, this can lead to hairballs.

Fortunately, there are many types of deshedding tools to choose from, each of which can help remove old, loose hair and stimulate hair growth.

Can I Stop a Cat from Shedding?

deshedder being used on a ginger cat

Cats can shed for many reasons, including changes in seasons, diet, and medical conditions. While it’s not possible to prevent your cat from shedding, you can get control of excess shedding by brushing regularly and making important changes to their diet.

By brushing often, you can reduce fur-matting and shedding, and strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

Causes of Excessive Shedding

Some cats will shed more than others, depending on hair type, however, there are other reasons a cat may shed excessively, including:


If your cat is not eating a well balanced diet it can significantly impact hair and skin health, so you may notice them shedding more than normal. Your cat’s fur may feel dry, brittle, and difficult to comb. A high quality, nutrient loaded pet food for your cat can go a long way toward a healthy coat.

Health Issues

Some types of health conditions can also impact how much a cat sheds. Parasite infestations, allergies, and dehydration can all cause excessive shedding in cats. Keep in mind that some types of  medications can lead to scaling and itchiness, which will cause your cat to over groom and scratch. If you believe your cat is shedding due to a health issue then it's important that you contact your vet and schedule an appointment.

Seasonal Shedding

Cats will shed their fur all year long, however excessive shedding can take place during the spring when the days are longer. Your cat's hair will grow thicker during the winter months to keep them warm and insulated against the cold. In the spring, you should increase how often you brush your cat to prevent excessive shedding. During seasonal shedding, comb or brush your cat daily. Bathing once a week can also help control excessive shedding.


Cats may start excessively shedding if they’re constantly anxious or stressed. For example, if you adopt a new cat, he or she may be nervous and scared. It can take several weeks or months for them to adapt. If a cat is nervous and prone to anxiety, he or she may shed excessively if you move to a new home, bring a new cat home, have a baby, or make other changes to their environment.

If your cat is struggling with anxiety which is causing hair loss, it's important that you meet with your veterinarian to discuss ways you can help reduce your cat’s stress. This can include using pheromones, giving them a special place in the home to relax away from noise, or using a medication specifically designed to treat anxiety.

To learn more about minimizing and managing stress, click here to read my article on how to introduce a new cat.


It's very common for senior cats to have trouble grooming themselves, especially if they have a dense undercoat. This can lead to matted hair and excessive hair fall. If your cat needs help with grooming, brushing him or her daily will not only improve their skin and coat health but will cut down on the amount of hair you find around the home.


During pregnancy, a cat will develop hormonal changes that will cause her to shed more. Mother cats tend to shed fur on their bellies to ensure kittens have no problems when they suckle.

After lactation is over, your feline will resume normal shedding.

During this time you should speak with your vet regarding how to care for your mother cat and her kittens.


Some breeds will shed more than others. If you have a long haired cat then you will need to stay on top of brushing them daily.

Brushing daily will cut down on digestive problems since they tend to swallow a lot of fur, get mats and tangles easily, and have hairball issues.

When long haired felines have matted fur it can cause a variety of health issues and can be very uncomfortable for the cat. Cats that have severely matted fur will need to be shaved so it's important that you stay on top of brushing them on a regular basis to promote skin and coat health and prevent a costly grooming bill.

Benefits of Using a Cat Deshedder

cat that is shedding

Using a deshedding tool, brush, or comb, will encourage a natural shedding process. However, there are other benefits that come with brushing or combing your cat on a daily basis.

  • One of the biggest benefits of using a brush is minimizing the mess around the house. Instead of their hair ending up on your floor, clothes, bed, and furniture, it will be collected by the shedding brush.
  • These brushes will also help to cut down on hairballs. Hairballs are a common issue with long haired or thick coated pets and it can be very uncomfortable and stressful for the cat who is constantly struggling with hairballs on a daily basis.
  • Brushing also promotes skin and coat health in addition to boosting blood circulation, which is a huge plus for senior cats who may struggle with this issue.
  • Mats can be very uncomfortable and painful, especially if they have started to grow into the skin. If you brush or comb your cat daily, it will eliminate this problem and will prevent you from having to have your cat shaved at the groomers.
  • If you are someone you know is allergic to pet dander, brushing will help eliminate pet dander buildup.
  • If you have a cat that is prone to anxiety, brushing can be a great way to help them relax. It will also help strengthen the bond between you and your cat . This is a great method to use if you adopted a new cat and want to spend more quality time with them.

Types of Deshedding Grooming Tools

There are many different types of deshedding grooming tools to choose from, including:

  • Rubber brushes
  • De shedding combs
  • Silicone brush
  • Grooming gloves
  • Boar bristles
  • Stainless steel pins
  • Slicker brush

The best cat brushes aren’t just designed to remove excess hair. They should also help you tackle tough knots and mats, remove dander, and stimulate the skin to increase blood circulation. However, not all cat brushes will work well for every cat in the home.

The best cat brushes for your pet will depend on the length of their fur, density, and fur type. For example, if your cat is a tabby, the best cat brushes can include:

  • Combs
  • Boar bristles
  • Grooming gloves

For fine long haired cats, you can use:

  • Comb
  • Grooming glove
  • De shedding slicker brush

For thick long fur, you need a deshedding tool that can work out tough mats, such as:

  • Cat brushes with longer bristles
  • Grooming glove
  • Comb with widely spaced teeth

As you can see, the best cat brushes can depend on many factors.

If you live in a multi-pet home, then you may need to purchase more than one brush or grooming tool that will work for each cat’s coat.

Combs are often very versatile, but can pull fine, long hair. If you have an older kitty with a dual coat, then you should use a comb or tool that can reach the undercoat. Using a different brush for each kitty in the home will make brushing your cat effective, comfortable, and will keep their fur in great condition, while keeping their shedding under control.

Important Features

Not all deshedding tools are created equal and can keep shedding under control.

Brushing your cat shouldn’t be a painful or traumatic experience. Instead, it’s something your cat should grow to look forward to, which is why choosing the right brush is so important.

cat being groomed

All types of deshedding tools will have a bristle design that’s meant to efficiently remove loose hair, reaching deep down to the skin. However, some can be uncomfortable to use on your pet’s fur and may scrape the skin.

Below, I’ve included some basic features to look for that will ensure you choose a deshedding tool that’s perfect for your cat.

Adjustable Bristles

Some brushes are adjustable, so you can lower or raise the bristles, depending on how thick your cat’s hair is. Brushing your cat with one of the tools can be gentler on the skin.


Ergonomic handles are designed with user comfort in mind. The type of material that the handle is made out of can also impact comfort. Models with a gel handle or rubber handles and an ergonomic design are often the most comfortable to use.

Coat Length & Density

Read the product description before you buy. You’ll find different brushes available based on coat length and density.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Deshedding Brushes Hurt Cats?

Some bristle designs can end up scraping a cat's skin during use, especially if you use the wrong brush. Make sure the brush you buy works for your cat’s coat length and type. For example, avoid using a brush with longer bristles that's designed for a long haired cat on your short haired tabby.

How Do I Choose a Cat Brush?

Choose a brush based on your cat's coat length and thickness. Most manufacturers will clearly label brushes and note what type of coat the brushes are designed for.

Can I Use a Human Brush on My Cat?

You can use one, but they will not be as effective as a brush specifically designed for felines. Cats have a very dense coat, so you need a brush that is designed to reach deep down to remove built up dander and loose cat hair. Human brushes will only end up brushing their top coat and aren't unable to reach deep down. While that can help aesthetically, as far as giving your cat a smooth, well-kept look, it will not remove mats or tangled hair.

Final Thoughts

The right deshedder for your pet will work with their coat type and length, should be comfortable for you to handle and easy to control, and will do an efficient job of removing loose hair and built up pet dander. The brushes I've included here all earned top marks for their innovative design, effectiveness, and a design that makes the brush comfortable for you to use and gentle on your pet’s skin. Using this guide and taking a closer look at the products I’ve recommended will ensure you end up with a tool that will work for your pet and can help cut down on hairballs and pet hair that’s found all over the home.